What the hell is ITV doing with The Genius Game?

Back in October 2015, the UK’s ITV Studios signed a deal with CJ E&M for the format rights to the incredible South Korean game show The Genius Game. For those unfamiliar, The Genius Game is essentially The Wire of game shows. It’s on a level way above everything else in its genre. A show that somehow combines high intelligence with a sense of fun and levity. The press release from ITV describes the show as thus:

The Genius Game sees 13 players from different backgrounds, from poker champions to CEOs or politicians, compete in a battle of wits by playing 12 strategic games. Every game is charged with competition, leading to thrills, twists, and shocking results.”

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Spoiler Alert: Pop Culture’s Relationship With Spoilers

Where did spoilers come from, and how has our relationship with them changed over the years?

I originally posted this article last July on my Tumblr blog, The Hippest Kids In Town, but given the recent kerfuffle over Sherlock spoilers, I felt it was worth revisiting. The season four finale of Sherlock aired this past Sunday night, but just days prior a Russian dubbed version of the finale leaked online; oh the Russians, if they aren’t rigging elections (allegedly), they’re spoiling popular TV shows!

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