Hunted Episode 2 Review – Into The Woods

Warning: this review of “Episode 2” of Hunted contains spoilers.

My biggest problem with Hunted after the season premiere was the lack of clarity when it came to the rules; plus the difficulty with buying into the show’s general conceit. Last night’s double-episode was still ridiculous, but it went some way in clarifying the rules and explaining how other facets of the format work, which made for a more enjoyable experience.

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Hunted Episode 1 Review – Wigging Out

CBS have certainly pumped up the hype machine for their latest reality game show, Hunted, a sort of Orwellian version of The Amazing Race meets a bad episode of CSI. It’s either an attempt at the next big reality hit or a Stasi-style warning to the general public that we’re under surveillance at all times and not to step out of line. What next? A show where contestants desperately try to erase their internet search history before the NCA can publically reveal their secret fetishes? You can call it Cache Finders.

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