Taboo Episode 8 Review – Kaboom!

Warning: this review of “Episode 8” of Taboo contains spoilers.

Bloodthirst was indeed quenched in the explosive season finale to the grubby period drama Taboo. James Delaney’s master plan came to fruition, and the end result was as bloody and brutal as one has come to expect from this show. Delaney and his rag-tag group of misfits have set sail for the New World, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

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Taboo Episode 7 Review – I Have A Use For You

Warning: this review of “Episode 7” of Taboo contains spoilers.

What a relentless penultimate episode. Funerals. Torture. Betrayals. Revelations. Like a barrel loaded with gunpowder, Taboo packed as many combustible elements into this episode as possible. Culminating with James Delaney chained in the Tower of London being relentlessly tortured by the masked henchman of the Crown.

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Taboo Episode 6 Review – A Sinking Ship

Warning: this review of “Episode 6” of Taboo contains spoilers.

Up until this point in the series, James Delaney has stayed one step ahead of his countless enemies. Even when he was ambushed and stabbed, he quickly got back to his feet, brushed the human flesh from his teeth, and continued on grunting. Delaney has ducked and dodged the East India Company, the Americans, and the British Crown, playing each group against one another while he stomps around Regency London swigging brandy and growling at anyone that dare give him a funny look. It was just a matter of time before things blew up in his face.

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Taboo Episode 5 Review – Sitting On a Powder Keg

Warning: this review of “Episode 5” of Taboo contains spoilers.

I said last week that Taboo seemed to be taking its inspiration from other recent prestige dramas; the dramatic “duel to the death” cliffhanger bringing to mind the “trial by combat” from Game of Thrones. But the face-off in Taboo went down a lot differently than the violent, eye-popping viciousness of GOT. “At the time of your choosing, there will be a polite exchange of bullets,” is not an instruction you’d hear in Westeros; not that they have access to firearms, but if they did, they would be nothing polite about their usage.

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Taboo Episode 4 Review – Eternal Damnation

Warning: this review of “Episode 4” of Taboo contains spoilers.

Being friends with James Delaney comes at a hefty price. Hell, you don’t even have to be on grunting terms, just being within close proximity to the brooding rogue is enough to bring an avalanche of shit hurtling your way. “I don’t keep anybody around me that doesn’t deserve what they get,” Delaney tells his old acquaintance, now spy, Godfrey. His similarities with the Grim Reaper don’t stop at his dress sense; death and despair follow Delaney where ever he goes, and those brave or stupid enough to align with him are resigning themselves to “the league of the damned.”

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Taboo: Episode 2 Review – Human Kindness

Warning: this review of “Episode 2” of Taboo contains spoilers.

How can a gothic period drama set in Regency England starring Tom Hardy and Jonathan Pryce get anymore testosterone-filled? You draw a tattoo on Stephen Graham’s scalp and introduce him as a blood-spattered, yellow-toothed hitman for hire with a psychopathic grin and a penchant for philosophy.

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Taboo: Episode 1 Review – Buried Secrets

Warning: this review of the “Shovels and Keys” episode of Taboo contains spoilers.

When we first meet James Keziah Delaney (Tom Hardy) he’s knee deep in mud, his face covered in dirt, hurriedly burying something in the ground. It’s an image that perfectly encapsulates the tone of Taboo: grubby, dark and full of secrets. As a period drama, it’s a far cry from the lavish parlors and summery cloche hats of Downton Abbey. Taboo is Dickensian-fuelled gloomy England littered with sunken-eyed prostitutes, backstreet butchers, and toothless drunks. It’s the kind of show that requires a deep cleanse immediately after watching.

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