The Lamplighter Inn – Lamps in Twin Peaks Part 1 & 2

Each week, I recap the new season of Twin Peaks at Yahoo TV, where I dig into the plots, characters, and theories on what the hell is going on. But anything that doesn’t make it into the weekly recap goes here, on Inside Telly. Stuff such as… lamps.

David Lynch loves lamps. He loves lamps more than Brick Tamland. They consistently appear throughout his work in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. He even makes his own lamps and directed a documentary short, appropriately titled Lamp, where he explains his lamp-building methods. In 2011, he hosted an art exhibition at the William Griffin Gallery where lamps featured prominently.

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Twin Peaks Season 3 Teaser – Who Are The New Cast Members?

In just ten days, one of the most groundbreaking and influential shows in the history of television returns after a 26-year absence! I’m of course talking about Twin Peaks – the suburban surrealist nightmare from the minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost.

I’m going to have the privilege of covering the new season for Yahoo TV, which as a Twin Peaks obsessive is a dream come true. I’ll be recapping each episode of Season 3, but any bonus tidbits or thoughts and theories that I don’t get to discuss on Yahoo, I’ll be posting here on Inside Telly.

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Spoiler Alert: Pop Culture’s Relationship With Spoilers

Where did spoilers come from, and how has our relationship with them changed over the years?

I originally posted this article last July on my Tumblr blog, The Hippest Kids In Town, but given the recent kerfuffle over Sherlock spoilers, I felt it was worth revisiting. The season four finale of Sherlock aired this past Sunday night, but just days prior a Russian dubbed version of the finale leaked online; oh the Russians, if they aren’t rigging elections (allegedly), they’re spoiling popular TV shows!

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