Nirvanna The Band The Show Is The Best Comedy You’ve Never Heard Of… And It’s Not Your Fault

Photo: Viceland

There are those times in life when something so incredible comes along that all you want to do is scream about it from the rooftops. Whether it be a TV show or a new band or a particularly tasty confectionary snack (Irish Cream Rolos RIP), all you want is for others to share in the experience which you’ve been enjoying… alone. Remember back in 2011 when people started telling you to try Breaking Bad with the sort of pushiness you’d expect from an actual meth dealer? Or when a small subset of Orphan Black diehards demanded the world recognize the extraordinary talents of Tatiana Maslany’s performance(s)? That’s how I currently feel about Viceland’s Nirvanna The Band The Show, the funniest show on television that nobody is watching.

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The Lamplighter Inn – Lamps in Twin Peaks Part 1 & 2

Each week, I recap the new season of Twin Peaks at Yahoo TV, where I dig into the plots, characters, and theories on what the hell is going on. But anything that doesn’t make it into the weekly recap goes here, on Inside Telly. Stuff such as… lamps.

David Lynch loves lamps. He loves lamps more than Brick Tamland. They consistently appear throughout his work in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. He even makes his own lamps and directed a documentary short, appropriately titled Lamp, where he explains his lamp-building methods. In 2011, he hosted an art exhibition at the William Griffin Gallery where lamps featured prominently.

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Twin Peaks Season 3 Teaser – Who Are The New Cast Members?

In just ten days, one of the most groundbreaking and influential shows in the history of television returns after a 26-year absence! I’m of course talking about Twin Peaks – the suburban surrealist nightmare from the minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost.

I’m going to have the privilege of covering the new season for Yahoo TV, which as a Twin Peaks obsessive is a dream come true. I’ll be recapping each episode of Season 3, but any bonus tidbits or thoughts and theories that I don’t get to discuss on Yahoo, I’ll be posting here on Inside Telly.

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Taboo Episode 8 Review – Kaboom!

Warning: this review of “Episode 8” of Taboo contains spoilers.

Bloodthirst was indeed quenched in the explosive season finale to the grubby period drama Taboo. James Delaney’s master plan came to fruition, and the end result was as bloody and brutal as one has come to expect from this show. Delaney and his rag-tag group of misfits have set sail for the New World, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

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Taboo Episode 7 Review – I Have A Use For You

Warning: this review of “Episode 7” of Taboo contains spoilers.

What a relentless penultimate episode. Funerals. Torture. Betrayals. Revelations. Like a barrel loaded with gunpowder, Taboo packed as many combustible elements into this episode as possible. Culminating with James Delaney chained in the Tower of London being relentlessly tortured by the masked henchman of the Crown.

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Taboo Episode 6 Review – A Sinking Ship

Warning: this review of “Episode 6” of Taboo contains spoilers.

Up until this point in the series, James Delaney has stayed one step ahead of his countless enemies. Even when he was ambushed and stabbed, he quickly got back to his feet, brushed the human flesh from his teeth, and continued on grunting. Delaney has ducked and dodged the East India Company, the Americans, and the British Crown, playing each group against one another while he stomps around Regency London swigging brandy and growling at anyone that dare give him a funny look. It was just a matter of time before things blew up in his face.

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Taboo Episode 5 Review – Sitting On a Powder Keg

Warning: this review of “Episode 5” of Taboo contains spoilers.

I said last week that Taboo seemed to be taking its inspiration from other recent prestige dramas; the dramatic “duel to the death” cliffhanger bringing to mind the “trial by combat” from Game of Thrones. But the face-off in Taboo went down a lot differently than the violent, eye-popping viciousness of GOT. “At the time of your choosing, there will be a polite exchange of bullets,” is not an instruction you’d hear in Westeros; not that they have access to firearms, but if they did, they would be nothing polite about their usage.

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